About me

Morgann Daniels was born and raised by a family of makers in sunny San Diego, CA; in a small town called Escondido. Spent 4 wonderful years in Savannah, GA ,while she attended Savannah College of Art and Design. Did you know you could drink on the streets there and even with that fact, she still managed to graduate with honors! Go figure. She currently lives and works in New York City and loves making new friends and patrons. 

But don't take her word for it....


Morgann Daniels has red hair because she sold her soul, so that the fires of the underworld could burn brightly and beautifully upon her head. But that is the only thing hellish and satanic about her. She has a heart of gold. No seriously...it's gold. She needed a heart transplant and her doctor could not find an adequate replacement, so a new heart was sculpted from pure gold. She lets her drunk friends sleep on her couch and she loves bacon flavored beer!

~Shea Lee, Actress. 2016


In the beginning, there was creation. And creation got out of hand, so God let creation do its thing until the earth was finished and he took all the creation that was left over and still creating and he rolled it up and set it on fire, and from that fire came the Morgann. And so it was, from that day forth, that the Morgann traversed creation creating. From her fingertips flowed colors, from her lips sprang dreams. For Sophocles, she was the Chorus. Like, the whole Chorus, they tried to cast more people, and Morgann just consumed them as fuel for the fires of inspiration. She posed for the Venus De Milo and the statue of David, for Morgann could never be confined by gender roles or a need for arms. She was the reason for the Gin Craze, the Jazz Age, and New Wave. She inspired Andy Warhol to rethink art after he realized his traditional brush strokes would plateau just under her napkin sketches. DuChamp signed a toilet after realizing his work was shit by comparison. The only man whose mind could comprehend a five minute conversation went home and ended world hunger. Her sketches are used as currency in Monaco, her paintings are used as Nirvana in three world religions. She is so boundless, they needed an extra N to describe her.

~Benjamin A. LaRiviere, Film Maker. 2016


Just as the mighty gods forged our world in the flames of their image, Morgann Daniels creates art with a burning passion that is the very essence of all we are. She paints with the colors she stole from nature herself- reforming the beauty we see before us into pure emotion. If one is blessed enough to not only gaze upon her work, but also understand and accept such wonder, one's heart shall swell with the unity of life, death, love, hate, and all that has ever been and will be.. Although she may be mortal herself, ms. Daniels will forever live on in the soul of her art, the eyes of its beholder, and the raw truth of this universe that has inspired all there is. Morgann art good.

~Erik Libonati, Comedian. 2016



All artwork on this site © 2016 by Morgann Daniels.

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